Name Hiryu
Kanji 氷瀏
Romanji Hiryu
Race Shin
Gender Female
Relatives Homurabi (king)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 15

Hiryu (氷瀏, Hiryu) is one of the five children of Homurabi. However, later it is revealed that she is made by Ryuko and holds his memories.


Hiryu has light blue hair that reaches down to her chest, styled in a traditional hime-cut'. With light blue eyes and fair skin, she wears a traditional Japanese kimono. The color scheme of the kimono is light blue, black, and white.


She is a puppet created by Homurabi, devoid of many emotions and remains loyal to Homurabi. The only time when she showed an expression is after being stabbed by Akira, when he asked why she did not dodge the fatal stab wound. She smiled and explained that she was originally made by Ryuko and hosted his memories.


Hiryu first made her appearance next to Homurabi in Chapter 15 of the manga, however she has made no appearance in the anime. She follows Homurabi orders to attack Akira and his group with her abilities to control ice and snow. Shorthly, she and Homurabi were force to retreat due to having a fatal injury from Shirogane. She was killed in the Shadow World Arc by Akira. It was revealed that Hiryu carried Ryuko's memories, in which, Akira needed in order to become the next Royal Rei King.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Ice Manipulation- Created from the genes of the Direct King of Rei: Ryuko, Hiryu possessed his abilities over ice and cold air.
  • Shin Abilities- A "child" of Homurabi, King of Shin. Her physical abilities surpass humans and she does not age physically.


"According to Homurabi's orders, I'll get ride of all of you."

---To Akira, Shirogane and Nanaya in the chapter 47.