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Name Homurabi
Kanji 焔緋
Romanji Homurabi
Race Shin

Formerly human

Birthday January 7
Gender Male
Height 194 cm (6 feet 3 inches)
Weight 78 kg (171 pounds)
Blood Type AB
Occupation Shin King
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 2: Chapter 8
Anime Debut Episode 24
Seiyū Ryōtarō Okiayu

Homurabi is the secondary Shin King and his counterpart is Shisui.


Homurabi appears to be a tall, lean-built young man. True to his name, he has long, red hair. He also has green eyes and a diamond tattoo on his forehead.


Homurabi is sadistic when he "relieved the pain" from Nanaya that has his arm cut off by Shirogane. Overly cruel and said to be a tryant by Shirogane, but Lulu says that Homurabi was a kind and gentle person before Ryuko's death. Despite cruelly taunting and questioning Shisui, he wanted Shisui to be his counterpart and not have anyone else take Shisui's place. In order to prevent the Direct Kings from replacing Shisui, he ordered Sawaki to kill Ryuko and exiled Shirogane. After, he contains all the darkness inside of himself. By doing so, he also upsets the balance of darkness and light.


Along with Shirogane, he was a former king of the Shadow World, but in order to become its sole dictator, he exiled Shirogane. He leads a rogue group of Shins known as his "children." Has a ruthless and sadistic nature with a cold personality. In the anime, he used Haruka to unleash the darkness sealed in Mt. Fuji but was stopped when Akira talked some sense to the boy before he could insert the key, which happens to be his left earring. He is also responsible for the order of the murder of the Royal Rei King; Ryuko.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


"However... No matter how I cannot  get used to it, the person who is my counterpart will be none over than you. I wouldn't allow anyone to change that... That's all..."

---To Shisui in the Chapter 61