Name Lulu
Kanji ルル
Romanji Ruru
Race Shin
Birthday April 7
Age Approx. 16
Gender Female
Height 152 cm
Weight 45 kg
Blood Type B
Affiliation Homurabi (King)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 2: Chapter 5
Seiyū Yukari Tamura

Lulu (ルル, Ruru) is one of the five children of Homurabi. In the manga, she switches sides and assists Akira Nikaidō. 


Lulu is a cute pale-skinned girl with waist-length pink hair tied in low pigtails using black ribbon bows and dark indigo or grey eyes. She is wearing a black dress that has some lace on it. Her dress has a large bow on it underneath her chin and a frilled white collar above it. She wears what looks like crossed black ribbons around her arms and legs. Her shoes are black flats, similar to the ballerina style. She has a very thin but slender figure and large breasts.


Lulu is a childish and playful girl who is also flirtatious around Akira Nikaidō, and possible because of this, automatically expresses a dislike for Aya Suzuno and often makes fun of her, such as calling her 'gorilla woman' or 'small breasts'.


Lulu is a subordinate of Nanaya (in the anime) and appears to know Shirogane as well. She uses a whip as her weapon and has the ability to drain someone's strength. One of Homurabi's five "children" in the manga, who later runs away and joins Akira's group after being defeated by Aya because she was frightened of being killed if she had returned.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shin- Despite her appearance, Lulu does indeed surpass humans and she does not age physically.

Weapon- She uses a whip that sucks her opponent's strength away when it makes physical contact with them. When fighting against Aya, it is revealed to be a snake that is capable of paralyzing or numbing the opponent with it bites them. Lastly, when activating the true powers of her whip, the dojo or room used as her territory becomes flesh-like. Several features of the body appear (mouth, hand, etc.) to fight against her opponent, but when those parts are destroyed it also inflicts damage on Lulu.

Monochrome factor smile by azalea92-d3aab2y

Lulu and her snake

Quotes == "You and that old geezer...Both of you... Should just die !" --To Aya Suzuno and her grandfather in the chapter 32.