Name Sawaki
Kanji 澤木
Romanji Sawaki
Race Shin
Birthday October 4
Age Approx. 35
Gender Male
Height 190 cm (6'2)
Weight 80 kg (176 lbs)
Blood Type B
Affiliation Homurabi (king)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 2: Chapter 5

Sawaki (澤木) is one of the five children of Homurabi. He is also the oldest of the children.


Sawaki has long blonde hair, which he keeps tied up in a thick black ribbon. His eyes are commonly debated between being blue or violet/purple. He wears semi-victorian clothes; a high collar long sleeved zip-up shirt with grey trimming and a brown vest underneath a black trench coat. He also wears black leather gloves, black shoes, and brown pants. He's usually stoic but smirks when amused. He's 190 cm (6 feet 2 inches) and 80 kg (176 pounds).


At approximately 35 years old, he is the most mature of Homurabi's children. He's often cold, stoic, and emotionless, but he is shown to care about the other children, such as being unable to watch Nanaya getting killed by Homurabi. He also likes teasing and irritating Kou, pondering about not being able to annoy him if he commits suicide. His favorite animals are dogs and birds of prey. He's also cunning, sabotaging Homurabi's plan by twisting his orders.


He had briefly met Kengo in the past when a young Akira and Kengo ran past him on their way to school. He is also the one who murdered Ryuko by the order of Homurabi. In the last few chapters of the manga, Sawaki was also revealed to be the one to protect Kengo from his dark factor taking over him.

Sawaki and ryuuko ch 54 by mselmag-d3ct0mq

Sawaki killing Ryuko


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shin- A shadow with the form of a human, Sawaki's athletic abilities are above human and he does not age physically.

Weapon- Sawake wields a complex design spear for long-range combat, he can even summon several of them at will when he had used them to pin Kou to a pillar.


  "Compared with Homurabi-sama, I much more comfortable with you."


---To Ryuko in the chapter 51.