Name Shiki
Kanji 志紀
Romanji Shiki
Race Shin
Age Approx. 12 (child form)
Approx. 24 (adult form)
Gender Male
Relatives Homurabi (King)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 2: Chapter 5

Shiki (志紀, Shiki) is one of the five children of Homurabi. In his child form, he is the youngest of the five.


Child FormEdit

Shiki (Color)

Shiki (Child Form)

Shiki's child appearance is roughly around 12-years old. He has short, blond hair and green eyes. He wears a black cap over his head backwards, silver goggles hanging around his neck, green short-sleeve coat over a black shirt, camouflage pants, and combat boots with high socks. He also has bracelets on both his wrist.

Adult FormEdit

Shiki adult

Shiki (Adult form)

During the battle against Aya, Kengo and Lulu, he reveals his true form, an adult. In this form, Shiki's attire changes to a semi-victorian set of clothes. Black vest with silver linings over a long-sleeve slightly longer than his elbows and the edge of the sleeve pulled back with a split end. A carvat comes out of his collar with a thin black ribbon. He also wears tight brown pants with a black belt hanging on his left thigh and black boots. He wears a thin bracelet on his right wrist and wears a fingerless glove on his left hand. His weapon changes from a paddle to an archery bow.


Shiki has a cunning and slightly sadistic personality, a bit morbid in some view when he has an appearance of a child. He does not care much for friendship and hates people that relies on others, finding it disgusting in his opinion.


He became a Shin and chlid of Homurabi shortly after Ryuuko death and Shirogane exiled from the Shadow World. His birth and reason to become a Shin is still unknown. Shiki knows what's right and wrong here at certain times, but related to Homurabi, he says his opinions are irrevelent. He respects Homurabi while at the same time fears him that if he fails, Homurabi might eliminate him like he did to Nanaya, who Shiki shows a strong dislike to.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Materials Flexibility- Shiki Shin abilities is to control the flexiblity of the shadow matter forming them into dense spheres and darts. In his adult form, the shadow matter is turned into arrows.
  • Shin- Transformed from human to Shin, Shiki physical abilities that are abnormal for a human. Also, like the other Shin and Rei, he does not age physically.


"I will reveal my true ability to get rid of you !!!"

---To Aya, Kengo and Lulu in the Chapter 44.