Shuichi Wagatsuma
Master monochrome factor
Name Shuichi Wagatsuma
Kanji 我妻 秋一
Romanji Wagatsuma Shūichi
Race Rei
Birthday Oct. 3
Age 27
Gender Male
Height 179 cm
Weight 57 kg
Blood Type O
Occupation Bartender
Rei King
First Appearance
Manga Debut Vol. 1 - Ch. 2 (as Master) / Vol. 7 - Ch. 34 (as Shisui)
Anime Debut Episode 2
Seiyū Wataru Hatano

Shuichi Wagatsuma (我妻 秋一, Wagatsuma Shūichi) a.k.a. Master (>マスター, Masutā) is the bartender at, and the owner of, Bar Still.


While portraying himself as Master, he has brown hair and closed eyes, donning a bartender outfit at all times. As a Rei, however, his hair became lime green and his eyes a deep yellow, and his outfit became significantly more formal.


Shuichi is a calm and friendly person who is rarely seen angry. Always helpful in giving advice and suggestions or listening to people problems. He is very tolerant, even when his bar is damaged or Mayu Asamura takes flirting a bit too far. As the King of Light: Shisui, he lacks confidence and resolve in doing his duties as King. When Homurabi questions Shisui, the Rei snapped; showing a rare bout of true anger, but only due to misunderstanding Homurabi and realizes his mistake. After revealing his motives to Shisui, Homurabi is forgiven by his Children and Shisui



Shuichi is an acquaintance of Shirogane, and owns a bar named 'Bar Still' (or 'Aging Bar' for manga readers) and under it is "Since 2001". He is commonly called "Master". Even though he is blind, his Reiken allows him to sense Shin and Kokuchi. He also has an ability that allows him to cure others, albeit a little painfully. In the manga, he is revealed to be Shisui; the secondary King of Rei, who went into hiding.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He can heal others, but the process is a bit painful.


To Akira Nikaidō: (laughs) "I'm sorry, your reaction is just so sensitive." Episode 17: W of Shadow.


  • Kairi Sorano spell his name in romaji as: 'Syuuichi Wagatsuma'.
  • He is one of three characters that appears on two volume covers.
  • He appears on the covers for vol. 7 (as Master) and vol. 10 (as Shisui.)
  • He likes listening to Classical and Jazz and dislikes Metal, Rock, and Euro.
  • His character song "Monochrome" is sung by his Seiyuu; Wataru Hatano.